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In an evolving world of connectivity and network choices, understanding real-time subscriber signal data is paramount in network planning.  Whether contemplating tower placement or anticipating the influence of Low Power Wide Area Networks on your user base, an accurate picture of connectivity is critical in providing robust and reliable service – both now and in the future.

Mobilize Digital is a leader in delivering aggregate insight into real-world user connectivity - combining world-leading sources of reliable network measurement into the leading independent Index for coverage optimization. By combining proprietary sources of network information with verified 3rd party data from world leading partners, Mobilize is able to cross reference and deliver new levels of granular insight into millions of handsets at a scale previously unavailable in the marketplace. Unlike single-source network planning tools, Mobilize combines leading sources of drive test, SDK and application insight - leveraging the strengths of multiple data sets into actionable insight.

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Each source of handset and connectivity data goes through a comprehensive screening for privacy information before being considered in the Mobilize Index. Only generic data related to device or sensor connectivity is accepted for network planning purposes – there is zero PII data accepted into the program and no user behavior or demographic mining possible given our strict data set. Additionally, compliance is monitored via double screening for any subscriber identifiable information from the source, as well as within the Mobilize comparative database. Contact Us Today.